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By John Lamb
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Communicating with animals is much more than a movie concept to San Diego resident Brigitte Noel. One of only a handful of professional animal communicators in the region, Noel says she has uncovered paths to improved lives for hundreds of animals — dogs, cats, horses, birds, even rabbits — by serving as a telepathic conduit of information between pet and owner.

For many pet owners who have tried — unsuccessfully — more traditional methods of training and behavior modification to rid a pet of undesirable habits, Noel oftentimes represents the last resort. And even more often, these pet owners come to discover that it is their behavior and not the pet’s that is at the root of many pet-related misdeeds — from cats intentionally urinating outside their sandboxes to dogs seeking attention by chewing up your favorite slippers or end table.

"Animal communication is the intuitive art of perceiving thoughts, feelings and emotions from the animals," Noel explains. "As loving pet owners, we all pick up much information from our animals. Telepathy is simply an extension of our natural intuitive abilities. . . . More often than not, animals are relieved to be able to share their perspective on matters that concern them and their family. The highly effective solutions to behavioral problems are based on specific needs expressed by the animal."

And don’t confuse Noel with an animal psychic. "I have to distinguish myself when I get a call to find a lost animal. I’ll send them to a psychic," she says. Instead, Noel works very closely with animal and owner. First, Noel spends about 20 minutes alone with the pet "in complete receptivity," transcribing the silent conversation as it proceeds. Noel provides an audiotape of this session as a permanent record of what transpired.

Then, Noel meets with pet and owner to discuss the pet’s needs, "kind of like negotiating so the animal gets something he or she wants." The advice can range from pulling out of an tumultuous relationship, to referrals for holistic veterinary care, to changes in nutrition and pest control. Noel then follows up with a phone call a month later -- time enough to give owner and pet a chance to put the advice into effect.

"I just look at what’s going on in the animal," Noel explains. "What I seek is an alignment of the heart. Animals are very intelligent. They’re really emotional geniuses."

Born into a diplomatic family, Noel grew up in a whirlwind of cultures -- France, England, Russia, Ghana, the United States and Switzerland -- that made childhood friendships difficult to maintain. But she always seemed to have a special rapport with neighborhood pets and other animals.

A string of unsatisfying career moves -- coupled with a new life outlook after battling the debilitating thyroid disorder Grave’s Disease with a self-devised treatment program using alternative and conventional methods -- lead her back to her life-long love of animals.

In large part through working with her 14-year-old quarterhorse Miss Annie, Noel says she was able to develop her own telepathic techniques. The key, she adds, is showing an animal the respect and humility necessary to bring out its true feelings. "When I’m with an animal, the one thing I’m wondering is, ‘What is it like to be you?’" Noel says.

And what, pray tell, do animals tell her most often?

The food is boooooooring!!! The same ol’ kibble just won’t cut it anymore. Variety, they say, is the chew treat of life!

Dogs in particular note with a significant dose of dismay that their owners spend waaaaaay too much time plopped down in front of the TV while they idle away in the backyard. This, too, is completely boring. More time walking allows dogs to pursue THEIR favorite hobby — SMELLING STUFF!

So, if you’d like to get to know your pet better, contact Brigitte Noel. Your pet will thank you.

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