Karen Pechacek
Spring Creek Kennel & Cattery

Pet owners will soon be making holiday vacation plans and now is the best time to begin making arrangements for accommodations for the family pet. Since no one likes returning from a vacation to find that the family pet has run away or chewed up the furniture, kenneling your dog or placing your cat in a "cattery" can be an excellent solution to your pet care concerns.

Boarding kennels and catteries are businesses that are designed and operated specifically to care for pets. They are experienced in pet behavior and can eliminate the problems caused by separation stress. Most pets adapt quickly to the boarding environment and even seem to enjoy the experience. Following are some tips on how to find the right boarding kennel or cattery for your pet.

  1. Ask your veterinarian or friends for a reputable boarding facility in your area. Telephone the facility to see if they could accommodate your pet. Remember, most facilities fill up weeks in advance of busy vacation times. Don’t wait to the last minute to make your plans.

  1. Make a personal visit to the facility to determine the quality of care the facility offers. Take note of the general appearance of the facility. The kennel should look and smell clean. Insist on inspecting the actual area your pet will be kept during the stay. Look for secure fences and gates, room to exercise, and whether the enclosures drain well. Ask about supervision and determine whether kennel staff is knowledgeable about pet care and pet health.

  1. Inquire about provisions for water, food, veterinary services and immunizations. A reputable kennel will have a strict policy regarding proof of immunization for contagious diseases.

  1. Next, check out the provisions for animal comfort, such as temperature control, protection from the weather, ventilation, bedding, sleeping quarters and exercise area. Dogs should have enough space to enable them to break out into a run. Because cats exercise isometrically (by stretching) they do not need much area but the enclosure should be large enough to permit stretching and placement of food dishes, toys and a litter pan.

  2. While at the facility, ask for any printed materials on the facility’s policies, rates, hours, or successful boarding tips, etc.

By finding the right boarding kennel or cattery, you can relax and enjoy your vacation, knowing that Rover and Felix are safe, happy and well cared for.

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