Legal Beagle

Every dog deserves a lawyer -- at least that's San Diego attorney Kathryn Rogow thinks.

I'm Kathryn Rogow, Esq., and I specialize in representing people with pet problems. I call my specialty dog law, but I don't discriminate against other animals.

Dog law encompasses vet malpractice, criminal law, animal control problems, breeder disputes, contract drafting, dog bites and other dog-caused injury litigation, landlord-tenant questions and some basic estate planning.

I'm one of three attorneys that I definitely know who practice in dog law. In addition to owning my own office, I practice in family law and plaintiff's personal injury. Recently I won the Wiley W. Manuel Award for Pro Bono (free) Legal Services. I live and work in San Diego, California, and am a member of the San Diego County Bar Association, the Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce and Lawyers Club.

I own three dogs and a cat. When I started law school, I adopted my first dog, Sammi, and decided that if I made it through, I would incorporate dogs into my practice somehow. Dog law is a labor of love, mostly, but readers should understand that behind most dog problems is an owner who didn't think things through.

This column is going to follow a Q&A format. I look forward to questions, but I advise readers that I am only licensed to practice law in California and I will answer questions based on what the law in California states. Readers from outside of California should check the laws of their states and local jurisdictions as they may be very different from California and San Diego.

By answering questions, I am not undertaking to represent the person who asked, nor any of the readers globally. I cannot be responsible for what readers do with the information. If they think they need an attorney, they should look for one in their area.

That being said, let the questions come! Thank you for your interest in this column.


The Legal Poop

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