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San Diego
German Shepherd Rescue

If you or someone you know is currently looking to add a pet to their family, you might consider a dog from German Shepherd Rescue. Established by Analee Nations, German Shepherd Rescue is a no-kill facility that has helped more than 600 dogs over the last 10 years. The dogs that are helped through German Shepherd Rescue come from breeders, law enforcement agencies, Canine Companions, unwanted pets, and strays. All of the dogs are pure bred and none are over 5 years old.

Before a dog is adopted, it undergoes a thorough exam from a veterinarian, is brought up-to-date with its shots, and is spayed or neutered if necessary. An adoption fee of $150.00 is requested.

Donations and adoption fees fund the organization. The German Shepherd Club of San Diego donates training for all dogs that are placed.

German Shepherd Rescue is currently run by Jim Silveira, Dorothy Stansbury of the German Shepherd Club of San Diego, and Sherri Goldstein. For more information, please contact Jim Silvira at (858) 576-1016 or dogman@adnc.com

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