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In the past, all of Victoria Danzig's clients have been of the human variety. Recently, however, she was able to apply her knowledge of
Thought Field Therapy , a no-needle acupuncture therapy, Victoria and Karmato her ailing dog, Karma. The 1 1/2 yr. old German Shepherd has suffered from hip dysplasia since birth. While surgery has helped him recover physically, Karma still suffered from a lack of confidence when it comes to agility and the use of his hind legs. A simple task such as stepping on and off a table would produce a fear so strong that the dog would tremble and shake.

In an effort to build Karma's confidence, Victoria began working with Coronado dog trainer, Lee Wells, using low level agility routines. It was during one of these training sessions that Victoria decided to try Thought Field Therapy, an unusual and powerful method for treating anxiety, stress, phobias, fear, guilt, grief, and anger. To her amazement, the treatment was a success and Karma was able to calmly step on and off the table without further problems.

Victoria Danzig is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in La Jolla, California. She has been in private practice since 1985 and has worked extensively with addiction and trauma patients.

For more information about Thought Field Therapy or to learn about training opportunities, contact Victoria at (619) 459-7476 or at vdanzig@thoughtfield.com

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