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Rancho Coastal Humane Society Dog Park
389 Requeza Street
Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: (760) 753-6413
Fax: (760) 753-6664

This is a half-acre, fenced in dog park and education center on the property of the Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas, CA.

* Built-in water fountain (one for you, one for your dog!)
* Separate, enclosed area for small dogs and puppies (11 weeks and older)
* Soda machine on premises
* Trees and shaded areas for you and your dog to rest under
* Park benches for the two-legged guests

Please call (760) 753-6413 for park hours.


* Park use is entirely at your own risk. Users are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries or damages caused by them.

* Prevent injuries and damage to the park by supervising your dog at all times. If your dog inflicts an injury, give your name and phone number to the other dog owner before leaving the area.

* Users must immediately clean up after their dogs, both in the park and in the parking lot. Please help to keep the park clean!

* Dogs must be healthy (no contagious conditions), spayed or neutered, current on all vaccinations and licensed.

* Dogs should wear a safe collar and ID tags at all times. For safety reasons, please remove all metal pinch or choke collars.

* Dogs must be on leash entering and prior to leaving the park and you must carry a leash while using the park. Dogs must be leashed immediately at the first sign of aggression towards people or other dogs and removed if necessary.

* Dogs or owners who exhibit a pattern of aggressive behavior will not be permitted in the park.

* Children must be supervised by an adult while in the park. Use of the park by children under the age of 6 is discouraged. Prevent injuries by not allowing your children to jump, run, or scream around the dogs.

* Users may bring up to three dogs into the park per visit. All dogs must
have a responsible owner at least 18 years old.

* Puppies using the park must be at least eleven weeks of age and current on all vaccinations.

* No food in the park other than small training treats. For the safety of our pets, no smoking is permitted.