If the ever-evolving universe of the Internet
is any indication, this is indeed one pet-crazed world!!! Here at On The Lamb,
we hope to shed a little light into the nooks, crannies and corners of that world — wherever the interesting, offbeat stuff lies.

by John Lamb
Maybe I’m way off base, but a quick — and I mean highly unscientific — perusal of the ‘Net seems to reveal some interesting insights into our pet-maniacal tendencies.

Word-searching on Alta Vista recently, I found "pet" mentioned more often (1,623,485 times) than the combined hits from "mom" (1,215,171) and "apple pie" (a paltry 20,000)! The word "dog" (4,173,009) outpaced "bible" (3,191,273) by a comfortable margin. And "cat" (5,739,088) edged out America's pastime "baseball" (4,644,844). Of course, they all have a long way to go to catch "God" (12,238,890) and "sex" (27,974,022).

Alright, so with that in mind you’re probably saying, "Well then, who needs another pet web page with yet another guy blathering on about dogs and cats and yada yada yada!!!!" Hehe, you do, my friend, and here’s why: We have no intention of telling you what you already know -- such well-trampled subjects as "Fighting the Fierce Flea," "What’s the Best Cat Litter?" and "Why Fido Won’t Fetch My Slippers" will not be aired here.....unless I break down someday and buy some slippers. Heh.

No, friends, On The Lamb has much bigger fish to fry. (Oops! Sorry about that, "water pet" lovers — we won’t really be Pammin’ up the skillet! We looooove our fishy friends.) In coming months, we’ll take a look at pet psychics, what to do if you find a stray dog roaming your neighborhood, pet talent agents, what cats think about, and a variety of other subjects destined to tickle your funny bone and tug at your heart strings.

We’d also like to hear what’s on your mind when it comes to pets. I just have one rule: BE INTERESTING!!! :) We’re searching for bits of wisdom far beyond what you’d find at the end of every Sunday-morning "Marmaduke" comic strip. (Remember? Blanche Blankpage writes: "Felicity the feminine feline is soooo persnickety that she REFUSES to eat her tuna out of anything but a RED BOWL!!!!!" Wow, you don’t say....zzzzzzz.)

No, intelligent pet lover, we seek the truly unusual, the fantastically heart-warming, and yes the outright hilarious. Think you and your pet are up to the task?? Then bark in my direction at:

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