If you own a dog or are thinking of getting one, you owe it to yourself to check out Kathryn Rogow's
10 Tips For Successful Dog Ownership

Two Features by John Lamb

Sex, God and Apple Pie
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To Leash Or Not To Leash

San Diego City Dog Parks
Approved Leash Free Locations

You, Pooch, And The Garden… Can't You All Just Get Along?

The Scoop on Companion Animals
Laws, Regulations, and Good Advice About Our Animal Friends

Protecting Children
From Dog Attacks
A Little Knowledge Can Help Keep Your Kids Out of Harms Way

Home Away From Home
Boarding Your Pets

Who's Walking Who?
Want to teach your dog to heal?
It's on Page 15.
Want your dog to drop to the
ground and stay on command?
Read Page 20.
Trying to teach your dog to fetch and retrieve?
It's all on Page 29
Looking to have your dog protect
you and your family?
Read about "holding" on Page 32.
The Complete Open Obedience Course is 94 full pages of dog training wisdom broken down into bite-sized, illustrated steps that anyone can handle.
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Victoria and KarmaGood Karma? In the past, all of Victoria Danzig's clients have been of the human variety... more

Check out the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Animal Care Site. It's a great resource for a wide variety of animal related issues.  Of special interest at this site is the information on the Missing Pet Network.

Also noteworthy are tips from the The Humane Society of the United States for traveling by air with pets. more


Choke Chain Cartoon

What is Homeopathy
and  How Can It Help My Pet?
Read on to find out...

German Shepherd Rescue

german shepherd

To The Rescue!

Last October, Gail Roberts started a unique catering service in San Diego and with it a crusade to get San Diego pet owners to start thinking healthy when it comes to their pets’ nutritional needs. CRITTER CUISINE to the rescue!!

Animal Assistance Information

For Pet Owners

San Diego's Pet-Friendly Hotels and Motels: You figure your relatives can fend for themselves but, hey, who's gonna make sure their pets are comfortable? A list of local establishments that cater to our favorite family members... and their owners too!

 Online Resource

Want to take your pet?
Get the details on flying with Fido or Fluffy

Miscellaneous Stuff
Contraceptive for
Stray Cats

Car Seats For

Zip Code

Best of Breed
Visit the Mind Grid


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of Events

Pets As Gifts

Incidental Tourists

Traveling with your pet requires planning

Brigitte Noel
Animal Communicator

Destructus Interruptus
How to keep Kitty from destroying your furniture

Home Away From Home
Boarding Your Pet

Holiday Pet Tips

Naughty or Nice?
Young Children & Holiday Pets
Peeking Rabbit

Did you know.....
An ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain.

People Helping Animals

Rancho Coastal Humane Society

Down To Earth in Rancho Santa Fe

Animal Rescue Site

Book Review: Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes
by Sally Montrucchio and Ron Shaw

"The real act of love is giving a dog to
someone who needs it."

Nearly 10% of pet owners feed their dog or cat at the table